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Hello, I am Manda!

I started my journey as a makeup artist in 2014 and worked for Chanel until I decided to be an independent makeup artist. Growing up, I was always fond of design and arts which led me to design school where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. However, I realized that digital drawing wasn't what I enjoyed doing. My passion to work with my hands directly to canvas guided me to a new journey in expressing creativity in a way I truly love and the path is called makeup artistry. I signed up for a makeup school and since then, I've been working with many clients from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Not only am I passionate about makeup, but I'm also passionate about building relationships with people. I don't only do makeovers for my clients, I also love to connect and listen to their stories. There is always something to learn from everyone. Hence, I believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful.

Currently, I live with my husband and my fur baby in Bay Area, California.

Connect with me on my Instagram @manda_makeover and check out my blogs about beauty  tips and tricks!

Thank you!

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